OwlTing is a technology company that build powerful & simple products focus on Mobile Commerce, Map, Blockchain and AI.
OwlTing Market
Over thousands of local merchants had been using OwlTing Market to open their mobile shops and sell to local and global customers. Taiwan Milk Map, Fruit map and more had created new economy that never existed before.
Our mission is to leverage the concept “from Farm-to-Table” to all industries. The model will help millions of small merchants/farmers to make more money and consumers pay fewer by building direct sales relationship.
OwlTing Places
OwlTing Places is a social network for friends sharing places reviews, photos and precious memories.
Our map shows reliable recommendations based on your social circle.
We believe Map is the easiest UI for all kinds of merchants/hotels to sell their products and services to global customers.
OwlTing Travel
OwlTing travel includes global hotel bookings and local experiences.
We hope to help everyone travel like a local instead of sightseeing. By working with global local experiences providers, we want to bring in the best “Local Experiences” provided by real locals.
Our hotel bookings will also use AI assistant to plan trips more easily according to your social recommendations, location of local experiences and budget.
We are also building hotel PMS system based on blockchain, reinventing PMS systems to help hotels owners to manage their hotel rooms from overbookings and save costs on managing multiple booking platforms.
OwlTing Pay
OwlTing had been very active in blockchain technology since 2014. We invested in blockchain technology for future payment. OwlTing Pay will be based on AMIS/Bitcoin/Other digital tokens that facilitate faster global transactions.
AMIS is a new blockchain protocol that could do global B2B/C2C/B2C transactions with much lower cost and greater connectivity.
We believe by re-inventing mobile payment based on blockchain, more small business/individuals will be benefit from saving cost comparing to traditional banking system.
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Darren Wang
Founder, CEO
John Hsieh
Co-Founder, CTO