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Unforgettable Whale Watching in Yilan and Guishan Island Adventure.Entry Permit Included
Every year from March to November, you can see whales and dolphins swimming in the Pacific Ocean near Taiwan. Among these charming creatures, Clymene dolphins and Risso's dolphins are the most seen ones. Starting from Yilan City, hop on a full-equipped boat and let the knowledgeable guide tell you all the fun facts about these gentle giants. This is your best chance to observe whales and dolphins in their natural environment.You will also see the diverse landscapes and natural beauty of the Guishan Island near Yilan. Located 10 kms off the coast from Yilan County, this turtle-shaped island will surely capture your eyes with its unique features such as welling underwater hot springs, steaming fumaroles, sea-eroded caves and many others. It was a military base between 1977 and 2000, and currently managed as a tourist destination and natural conservation area. Visitors must apply for the entry permit before the visiting day due to environmental protection.◆Friendly Reminder:*Tips to prevent seasickness: -Eat bland food. Avoid spicy, rich food and alcohol. -Eat ginger candy or drink ginger tea to settle your stomach.-Stay out in the fresh air.-Take anti motion sickness pills such as Dramamine or Bonine before boarding if necessary. *Please always put your life jacket on and follow the crew members’ instructions.*For safety concerns, we are unable to accommodate guests with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, mobility impairments without travelling companion, infants or women with 26+ weeks of pregnancy on this tour.*This is a pet friendly tour.*We highly recommend you to bring a jacket, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, camera and whistle during the tour. *All passengers must show a valid ID or Passport at the check in desk in order to board on the boat.*There will be an extra entry fee of NTD 100 charged upon entering the island. Seniors and Children will enjoy an exclusive rate.*There is a possibility that you might not see whales or dolphins on the tour date. However, you may arrange another date for whale watching for just NTD 300 if not seeing these charming creatures.*Weather and sea conditions change rapidly. Your safety is our highest concern, so please be aware that if met with bad weather / sea conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the tour.◆Availability:*Daily till 2018/11/30◆Rate Information:*Adult (12+): *Child (3~11):exclusive rate*Infant (under 3):exclusive rate◆Minimum Age Requirement: *Suitable for all ages
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