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【Gift From the Divine】Lisong Hot Spring—the Most Beautiful in Taiwan
Dubbed "the most beautiful natural hot spring in Taiwan," Lisong is a must-visit for lovers of the wonders of nature who's also up for a challenging hike!Deep in the mountains, Lisong Hot Spring is one of the few remaining wild hot springs on the island. There you'll find a series of small, mineral-rich springs of hot water emerging from the rocky cliff above, swishing over the rocks and then thundering down into the pool. The rocky walls, encrusted with crystallized minerals, oxides and moss, displayed a dazzling combination of bright green, cream, brown and other colors. The water is approximately 45 to 65 degrees Celsius.As the springs are located in a deep and secret gorge, to get there you have to overcome a series of challenges. After you've walked past the narrow farm road and reached the trailhead, there's a 40-miunte down-hill walk before you get to the valley, and the way is exceptionally steep. Following that, as the springs are a little upriver from the end of the path, you'll need to cross the rivers and scramble along the cliff walls. Getting there is no easy task. However, once you're there, you definitely won't regret.Tour Details6:30 Please meet up at the designated point near Taitung Train Station, or, choose to be picked up at downtown Taitung, Luye Township, or BnBs in Guanshan with an additional charge. To purchase additional pick-up service: Set off from the parking lot towards the trailhead. — [From the trailhead to the valley]※The total route is approximately 2 kilometers long, with a roughly 40-miunte down-hill walk (depending on the pace of each individual). — [Relax and soak in the warmth of natural hot spring] — [Wild Cooking—satisfy your growling stomach with a steaming feast!]14:30 Leave the valley and start heading back.※Actual time may vary according to each group's pace, with finishing time no later than 17:00 (finishes at the trailhead).※Departure time may be adjusted in case of traffic control(s).
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【Winter Getaway to Green Island】...
{"tw":"用三天兩夜的時間,為自己安排一場愜意的海島旅行!\n綠島位於台灣東部,是一個四季皆宜的小島。\n騎乘機車自由地在小島上流浪、\n在天然的海洋溫泉享受於星空下泡湯的氛圍、\n還有國際級潛點的清澈水域浮潛、藍洞秘境探險、\n夜間生態探訪、燈塔白砂自由行,\n綠島全年平均水溫皆在26度以上,\n所以一年四季都適合浮潛或潛水,\n千萬別錯過彷彿無邊界大水族箱的玻璃海!\n\n◆海韻民宿\n「綠島海韻民宿」位在南寮漁港和綠島機場的中間地段,\n交通相當便利,備有多間乾淨舒適的套房和雅房,\n並鄰近遊客中心、綠島燈塔及柴口潛水區等多處景點,\n讓您在晨曦或傍晚時分與好友或情人一同漫步在南方小島的晴空下,\n微鹹的海風迎面吹拂,享受綠島得天獨厚的海洋風情~\n晚上還會有導覽活動,讓您一窺綠島生態的迷人之處!\n※住宿房間有單人背包房、雙人房、四人房、6人房,\n會依照人數安排房間。如要升等房型則需另補差價,請來信詢問。\n\n◆注意事項\n-此行程需出示駕照。\n-請在結帳頁面備註姓名、身分證號碼、生日以為您訂購船票。取票時請攜帶身分證。\n-船班時間會因季節調動。需在航班時間40分鐘前至碼頭櫃台取票。\n-如需加價換購機票,請來信詢問。\n-如需加價換租汽車,請來信詢問。\n-12歲以下(不含)兒童價格為4600元,無法使用機車。請至此頁面訂購:\n-各水上活動(浮潛、潛水等)限10歲以上參加。\n-如因交通船因素導致回程延期,住宿費以1/2計算。\n\n◆費用包含\n-3天機車租借費\n-綠島台東來回船票\n-兩夜住宿、BBQ、早餐\n-溫泉券一張、浮潛活動(含裝備)\n-綠島碼頭或綠島機場來回接送服務\n","en":"Green island is located east of Taiwan, and is warm all four seasons.\nHop on a motor bike and become a true wanderer. Experience oceanic hot spring under starry sky. Come and join us on diving sites known for clear water snorkeling, blue cave adventures, sea life ecological visits and light house visits. With sea water temperature over 26°c year-round, Green Island is your best choice for seeing aqua life in a borderless aquarium!\n\n◆Haiyun Bed and Breakfast\nHaiyun BnB is situated at the mid-way between Nanliao Harbor and Green Island Airport, and is super convenient for travelers. Clean and comfortable rooms and suites are available. It is also close to the tourist center, Green island light house, Chaikou Diving Area and more. At sunrise/sunset, enjoy a stroll with family, friends, and loved ones, feel the salty oceanic breeze on your face, and you’ll see how Green Island is the perfect getaway! At night time, join the guided tour and learn about the diverse ecological life on Green Island. \n\n※Room types: \nSingle Backpacker, Double, 4-person, 6-person room. \nWe will arrange accommodation according to the number of people staying. If there’s need to upgrade room type, additional costs will be charged. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via email.\n\n◆Please note:\n-Drivers license required.\n-Please provide your name, ID number, birthday when booking (for boat ticket purchase).\n-Boat schedule is subject to seasonal changes. Please arrive at the port counter to collect your ticket 40 minutes prior to the sail.\n-If there’s need to change boat ticket to flight ticket, extra costs will be charged. Please contact us via email for further information.\n-If there’s need to change motor bike rental to car rental, extra costs will be charged. Please contact us via email for further information.\n-Water activities (snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.) are limited to persons 10 yrs and above.\n-If return trip is delayed due to boat/transportation issues, accommodation costs will be charged half price for the extra stay."}
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【Magical Path Begging to Be Walk...
{"tw":"想要欣賞全球最美的木棉花道,但卻又苦惱不知如何前往嗎?\n奧丁丁幫你搞定,精心安排專屬您的超值體驗行程\n\n◆4/7(六)活動流程\n08:00~嘉義太保高鐵集合\n08:30~新營火車站集合\n09:00~11:30新營舊廍蘆筍食農及紅腳笭體驗\n12:00~14:00柳營重溪蝶豆花,薑黃,鮮奶風味餐\n14:00~15:00稻荷咖工坊木棉花染\n15:00~17:00林初埤木棉花道導覽賞花\n17:30~嘉義太保高鐵解散\n18:00~新營火車站解散\n\n◆集合時間與地點:(此趟旅程提供遊覽車全程服務)\n08:00 嘉義高鐵太保站\n08:30 新營火車站 \n※請在訂購頁面的備註您的集合地點,請準時集合。\n\n◆林初埤木棉花道\n木棉花開季節為每年的3月至4月,花期約停留兩個禮拜~一個月,木棉樹特別之處在這個季節,先開花,之後才長出嫩葉,冬季的木棉樹呈現枯枝的樣貌,隨著春天的腳步,出現一顆一顆的花苞,當盛開綻放,成了旅人駐足的美麗景點\n\n◆柳營重溪蝶豆花\n重溪社區近來種植蝶豆花,將蝶豆花製作成蝶豆花茶、或將蝶豆花入菜,製成美麗的蝶豆花飯,為飯菜添增繽紛的色彩。\n蝶豆花,近來帶起一股風潮,或藍或紫的漸層,豐富了手搖杯的色彩,帶來美麗吸睛的色澤。原先看到那個顏色,以為是色素,讓好多人退避三舍,但其實,鮮豔的藍色是來自於「蝶豆花」富涵的花青素,不是人工色素,比起一般植物,有高達10倍的花青素在裡面,有抗氧化的效果,還能保護眼睛,比起其他植物更容易攝取,\n此次遊程與餐點,也都會結合蝶豆花,一起手動製作饅頭與漸層飲料,等你一同來體驗。\n","en":"Did you know there’s a street in Taiwan that’s reputed one of “the World’s Most Magical Streets”? With this special, hassle-free tour, OwlTing takes you to the incredible Cotton Tree Avenue and learn about Baihe’s interesting local traditions! \n\n◆Saturday, April 7th –Itinerary: \n[08:00] Meet up at Chiayi High Speed Rail Station (Taibao City, Chiayi County)\n[08:30] Meet up at Xinying Railway Station \n[09:00-11:30] Tainan local tradition experience: Asparagus & the “Pigeon Whistle Race”\n[12:00-14:00] Try out local dishes made with Butterfly-Pea flower, Turmeric, and milk \n[14:00-15:00] Cotton-dye DIY at Tau-ho-ka Workshop\n[15:00-17:00] Cotton Tree Alley guided stroll\n[17:30] Returns to Chiayi HSR Station (Dismissal point 1)\n[18:00] Returns to Xinying Railway Station (Dismissal point 2)\n\n◆Meet-up Time and Place:\n[08:00] Chiayi HSR Station\n[08:30] Xinying Railway Station \n※This is a escorted tour with a charter bus. Pick-up and drop-off are included.\n※Please specify your preferred pick-up point when booking. Please be punctual. \n\n◆Cotton Tree Alley, Baihe District, Tainan\nDubbed one of “the World’s Most Magical Streets,” this avenue in Tainan has mesmerized tourists with its impressive cotton blossom-lined street. Each year from March to April, when the Bombax Ceiba, or Red Cotton Tree, are in bloom, the street is painted in an enchanting red-and-orange hue, creating a fascinating earthly wonderland. Come and take a walk down this beautiful path, and prepare to fall for its charm. \n\n◆Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea)\nKnown for its luminous indigo color, this ancient, medicinal flower is not only featured in dishes throughout Asia, but also an amazing herb jam-full of health promoting substances.\nRecently, this flower, with its alluring blue, has also garnered the attention of craft-cocktail aficionados as well as scoring spotlight on social media. Whether you’re steeping these delicate buds in drinks or grinding them into powder to mix with dishes, the result will be a stunning blue dye. And with a mild herbal taste similar to black tea—without caffeine—butterfly pea is gentle in flavor.\nWhether drink, dessert, food, or prescription, there’s no denying the magnetic draw of this mythically blue glow.\nWith this tour, you get to make your own steamed bun and layered drink with this amazing flower! "}
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【Departure Guaranteed】2 Great F...
{"tw":"〈瀧上芝櫻公園〉\n瀧上芝櫻公園位於有童話村之譽的瀧上町,佔地十萬公頃。園內種滿各色芝櫻,一望無際十分壯觀。芝櫻為草夾竹桃屬的一種,因花形與櫻花相似,匍匐性強可向草坪般覆蓋整個地面,因此稱為芝櫻(「芝」在日文中有草地之意。)花朵的顏色有紅色、白色、桃紅、紫色等。此處的芝櫻一開始僅有一個紙箱的面積,漸漸的爬滿整片山坡如花地毯一班,是北海道夏季的定番景點之一!\n\n〈上湧別鬱金香公園〉\n上湧別鬱金香公園位於紋別的上湧別町,五月花季時會舉行「鬱金香博覽會」,園區內120萬株的鬱金香同時盛開,顏色鮮豔對比,相互輝映,只有在此處才能看到的彩色花海,每年都吸引十萬人次湧入。\n\n◆往年開花情報\n【上湧別鬱金香】\n2016年 5/14~6/5(盛開5/23) \n2017年 5/10~6/1(盛開5/23) \n【滝上芝櫻】 \n2016年 5/3~6/4(盛開5/20) \n2017年 5/9~6/5(盛開5/20)\n※開8分以上算是盛開。\n\n◆出發日期:\n2018/05/10、2018/05/11、2018/05/12、2018/05/13、2018/05/15、2018/05/16、2018/05/17、2018/05/18、2018/05/19、2018/05/20、2018/05/21、2018/05/22、2018/05/23、2018/05/24、2018/05/25、2018/05/26、2018/05/27、2018/05/28、2018/05/29、2018/05/31、2018/06/01、2018/06/02、2018/06/03、2018/06/04\n\n※此行程預定21:15左右抵達札幌、不含晚餐。意者可自費預訂晚餐: ~東京綜合便當 每個900日幣(含税・茶)~ \n報名時請於備註欄填寫個數。費用當天請以日幣現金交給領隊。 \n\n◆票價:\n成人票(6歲以上) NTD$ 3499元\n兒童票(3~5歲) NTD$ 810元","en":"◆Shibazakura Takinoue Park\nLocated in the so-called “Fairytale Village” Takinoue, the park is famous for its beautiful fields of pink and purple Shibazakura. Shibazakura, or “moss phlox,” is a kind of creeper plant that has small blossoms of red, pink, white, or purple, and bears much resemblance to cherry blossoms, hence the name Shiba-zakura (“lawn cherry” in Japanese). Each year around May and June, blooming Shibazakuras spread the 10,000 m² park like a pink carpet, creating a vibrant sight of Spring and dazzle the eyes of its beholder.\n\n◆Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park\nWhile cherry blossom viewing in Japan is the ultimate spring experience, here in Kamiyubetsu, it is the Tulip that rules.\nKamiyubetsu Tulip Park is a spring wonderland filled with tons of different kinds of tulips. It hosts the famous Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair from May to early June every year, featuring some 1.2 million tulips of 120 varieties, including some named after fairy-tale characters such as “Pinocchio,” “Don Quixote” and “Aladdin,” and those directly imported from the Netherlands. \n\n◆Blooming Periods in the past:\n【Kamiyubetsu Tulip】\n2016: 5/14-6/5(peak bloom: 5/23) \n2017: 5/10-6/1(peak bloom: 5/23) \n【Takinoue Shibazakura】 \n2016: 5/3-6/4(peak bloom: 5/20) \n2017: 5/9-6/5(peak bloom: 5/20)\n※“Peak Bloom” is defined when 80 percent of the blossoms are open.\n\n◆Departure Dates:\n2018/05/10, 2018/05/11, 2018/05/12, 2018/05/13, 2018/05/15, 2018/05/16, 2018/05/17, 2018/05/18, 2018/05/19, 2018/05/20, 2018/05/21, 2018/05/22, 2018/05/23, 2018/05/24, 2018/05/25, 2018/05/26, 2018/05/27, 2018/05/28, 2018/05/29, 2018/05/31, 2018/06/01, 2018/06/02, 2018/06/03, 2018/06/04\n\n◆This tour is scheduled to end at Sapporo around 9:15pm. Dinner is provided at an extra charge—\nTokyo Bento: JPY $ 900 per meal (tea and tax included)\nThose wishing to purchase, please note in the “Note to Guide” column when booking. The fee will be collected by the tour conductor on the day of the tour. (Please pay in Japanese yens.)\n\n◆Ticket Price:\nAdult (aged 6 and older): TWD $ 3499\nChild (aged 3-5): TWD $ 810 ","ja":"日帰りで行く北海道の芝桜・チューリップ\n\n■北海道の花畑2箇所を見学\n 『芝ざくら滝上公園』 甘い香りが広がる10万平方メートルの大群落\n 『かみゆうべつチューリップ公園』 およそ200品種のチューリップを植栽\n■ご昼食は、特製お花見幕の内弁当をご用意\n■安心の運転手2名運行\n\n【2017年の見頃】\n●滝上・芝ざくら滝上公園\n開花宣言(3分咲き)5月9日、満開 5月20日頃\n●上湧別・かみゆうべつチューリップ公園\n開花宣言(3分咲き)5月10日、満開 5月23日頃"}
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【Baby Blue Eyes X Strawberry Pic...
{"tw":"本行程帶你前往最浪漫的賞花地點,欣賞整片淡藍色的粉蝶花地毯。午餐為您準備漁場直送的5種生魚片套餐,還有最受歡迎的草莓現採現吃行程~\n搭乘高速巴士從東京都內出發,省去轉車找路的麻煩,一日輕鬆小旅行!\n\n〈國營常陸海濱公園〉 \n位於東京近郊的茨城縣,4月下旬~5月中旬時,450萬株粉蝶花同時盛開,匍匐整座山丘猶如一大片地毯。藍色的海、空、花交織一片,不同的藍不同的美麗,只有親眼才能體會的壯闊美景。除了粉蝶花,黃澄澄的油菜花也在此時盛開,相互爭豔美不勝收。\n\n◆出發地點/日期:\n東京出發:4/29(提早30分鐘集合)\n上野出發:4/25、5/4(提早30分鐘集合)\n新宿出發:4/21、4/27、5/3(提早30分鐘集合)、5/8\n\n◆2~5歲幼兒票價為NTD$ 1400,費用含巴士座位、採草莓吃到飽。","en":"With this all-inclusive tour, prepare to step into the pages of a fairytale—the park is transformed into a dreamy wonderland of romantic blue when Spring brings the baby-blue flowers to the fields of Ibaraki. For lunch, there’s the Japanese classic set meal with 5 kinds of sashimi, delivered fresh from harbor! And to add more fun and sweetness to it, we give you the all-time-favorite afternoon refreshment—pick-n-eat-‘em-all juicy strawberry picking!\n\n◆Hitachi Seaside Park \nLocated on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast in Ibaraki, The Hitachi Seaside Park covers an area of 190 hectares and features a variety of blooming flowers throughout the year. The most famous ones, Nemophila, or more commonly, baby blue eyes, thrive and bloom in the spring. Each year around late April to May, some 4.5 million translucent-petaled blue flowers, with the color similar to that of a clear Springtime sky, spread across the field and create a truly mesmerizing view. To add to its charm, you’ll also be able to see hosts of blooming canola flowers scattered across, adding a vibrant touch of yellow to the earthly fairyland.\n\n◆Departure Places/Dates:\nToyko: 4/29 [meet-up time 7:20]\nUeno: 4/25; 5/4 [meet-up time 7:20]\nShinjuku: 4/21; 4/27; 5/3 [meet-up time 7:20]; 5/8\n\n◆Child rates apply (aged 2-5): TWD $ 1400, \nincludes bus seat and all-you-can-eat strawberry picking "}
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【Hokkaido Golden Day-Tour】Furan...
{"tw":"◆富良野花田\n富良野地區以薰衣草而廣為人知,但其實除了薰衣草之外還有其他花卉競相爭豔。五月有魯冰花及鬱金香,六月有維多利雅鼠尾草及罌粟花,七月開始才是知名的薰衣草花季,八月緊接著向日葵及波斯菊,一直到十月都有許多美麗的花朵綻放喔!\n\n◆旭川動物園 \n日本國內最北部的動物園,每年有超過300萬人次的旅客造訪。園區內有多達120幾種的動物們,因其地理環境因素及優良的照顧技巧,在繁衍寒帶動物的成績上也非常亮眼! \n\n◆螃蟹吃到飽 \n晚餐要前往由紅磚倉庫內的札幌啤酒場餐廳「Bier Keller札幌開拓使」,享受北海道的特產長腳蟹及成吉思汗吃到飽,熱愛美食的你絕對不能錯過! 餐廳是由紅磚倉庫改建而成,創始於明治時代,歷史悠久別有一番風味。台灣之光陽岱鋼也曾經造訪過此餐廳喔~\n\n◆11歲以下兒童享兒童價NTD$ 2160,含門票、晚餐及巴士座位。\n0~2歲幼兒免費。無巴士座位、餐食。如有同行,請於備註欄註明\n\n◆可選擇以下乘車地點:\n-札幌香檳城堡溫泉酒店(7:35出發)\n-MYSTAYS札幌白楊飯店(8:15出發)\n-札幌世紀皇家飯店(8:20出發)\n-札幌全日空皇冠廣場飯店(8:30出發)\n-新大谷札幌飯店(8:37出發)\n-札幌東急REI飯店(8:50出發)\n-東急札幌卓越大飯店(9:00出發)\n-札幌 MYSTAYS PREMIRE 公園飯店(9:05出發)\n請於「留言給嚮導」內填寫乘車地點。","en":"◆Flower Land Kamifurano\nCome and feast your eyes on the colorful flowers of Furano!\nFlower Land Kamifurano is a sightseeing farm located in the middle of Hokkaido flower field. The farm features various kind of gorgeous flowers almost all year round. Apart from its iconic lavenders blooming from July to August, there’s also poppies, tulips, German Iris and lupine in June, salvia and lily in July, and in August, cosmos and sunflowers, which bloom well into late October.\nHere at this beautiful farm, there’s no shortage of flowers for you to feast your eyes on almost all-year-round! \n\n◆Asahiyama Zoo \nHokkaido’s Asahiyama Zoo is one of Japan’s most well-known zoos as it showcases animals in relatively natural surroundings. With its favorable climate, location, and breeding expertise, the zoo houses as many as 120 types of animals, attracting over 3 million visitors every year.\n\n◆Bier Keller Sapporo Kaitakushi—all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ and snow crabs\nDinner will be served at the \"Bier Keller Sapporo Kaitakushi,\" originally a brick warehouse back in Meiji era. It features Genghis Khan (Mongolian BBQ), crabs, Sushi, various kinds of Japanese beer, Hokkaido cuisine of the season, and specialty hot pot, etc. Dig in and wrap up your perfect day in Hokkaido with all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ and snow crabs!\n*PS. For those Anthony Bourdain fans out there, this place was the opening scene of the Hokkaido episode!\n\n◆Child Rates Apply:\nChild Price (under 11): TWD $ 2160, includes admission ticket, dinner, and bus seat\nInfant Price (aged 0-2): Free of Charge, without bust seat nor meals. \n※For participants bringing an infant, please note in the “Note to Guide” column when booking.\n\n◆Available pick-up points:\n・7:35 Chateraise Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo Hotel & Spa Resort \n・8:15 Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen \n・8:20 Century Royal Hotel \n・8:30 ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Sapporo \n・8:37 New Otani Inn Sapporo \n・8:50 Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel \n・9:00 Sapporo Excel Hotel Tokyu \n・9:05 Hotel Mystays Premire Sapporo Park \n\n※Please note in the “Note to Guide” column your preferred pick-up point when booking. "}
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【Wisteria X Baby Blue Eyes】CNN ...
{"tw":"〈足利花卉公園〉\n長達80公尺的花架上,350多株紫藤花競相綻放。紫藤花雖名為紫藤,也有淡紅色、白色、黃色等多種顏色,花期為每年的4月中旬~5月左右。黃藤和白藤組成的花隧道十分浪漫,被美國CNN譽為電影《阿凡達》中的靈魂樹,列名為世界10大夢幻旅遊景點。\n\n〈國營常陸海濱公園〉\n位於東及近郊的茨城縣,春天時開滿淡藍色的粉蝶花,藍色的海、空、花交織一片,不同的藍不同的美麗,只有親眼才能體會的壯闊美景。除了粉蝶花,黃澄澄的油菜花也在此時盛開,相互爭豔美不勝收。\n\n◆票價:\n成人票(6歲以上) NTD$ 3299元\n兒童票(3~5歲) NTD$ 1080元\n\n◆出發日期:\n2018/04/22~2018/05/8\n\n◆午餐提供茨城縣老舗車站「萬年屋」的遊樂幕之内綜合便當(不含茶)。\n","en":"Join us and step into fairy-tale-like fields of enchanting wisterias and delightful baby blue eyes! \n\n◆Ashikaga Flower Park\nSelected as one of the Top Dream Destinations by CNN Travel, Ashikaga Flower Park boasts beautiful wisterias of over 350 varieties, with colors ranging from purple, pink, yellow to white. Among them, the renowned “Great Wisteria,” which is over 150 years old and spreads over 1000 square meters, offers an otherworldly view that bears much resemblance to the spiritual Tree of Souls in James Cameron's \"Avatar.\" Other popular features include its impressive wisteria trellises extending for a thousand square meters, stunning wintertime light festival, and various kinds of lovely flowers throughout the year.\n\n◆Hitachi Seaside Park \nLocated on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast in Ibaraki, The Hitachi Seaside Park covers an area of 190 hectares and features a variety of blooming flowers throughout the year. The most famous ones, Nemophila, or more commonly, baby blue eyes, thrive and bloom in spring. Each year around late April to May, some 4.5 million translucent-petaled blue flowers, with the color similar to that of a clear Springtime sky, spread across the field and create a truly mesmerizing view. To add to its charm, you’ll also be able to see hosts of blooming canola flowers scattered across, adding a vibrant touch of yellow to the earthly fairyland.\n\n◆Child rates apply:\nAdult Price (aged 6 and older): TWD $ 3299\nChild Price (aged 3-5): TWD $ 1080\n\n◆Departure Dates:\n2018/04/22—2018/05/8\n\n◆Lunch: Makunouchi Bento (without tea)\n"}
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【Snow Corridor X Shirakawa-go】U...
{"tw":"〈立山黑部〉\n立山黑部阿爾卑斯路線位於富山縣與長野縣之間,可利用登山纜車、架空索道、等各種交通方式橫越標高2400公尺的山頂,欣賞壯麗的高山雪景。每年4月至6月可以看到高達19公尺氣勢磅礡的大雪壁,吸引各國遊客蜂擁而至。 此處有日本海拔第一高的室堂車站(2450m)、黑部水庫(186m)等,隨著四季變化的優美景色,絕對給您無窮無盡的山岳感動。\n\n〈高山老街〉\n飛驒高山老街具有小京都的美稱,古色古香的江戶建築及街景,是來訪飛驒地區的旅客不會錯過的歷史景點。\n\n〈合掌村〉\n合掌村是坐落在日本白川鄉的一個聚落,以其茅草搭建的人字形屋頂聞名,其陡斜的屋頂使積雪容易滑落不堆積。1995年被聯合國教科文組織登錄為世界文化遺產,到達白川鄉的交通不甚便捷,也因此保留了許多美麗的生態美景。 茅草屋建築聚集成群,四季皆有不同自然風貌~\n\n◆行程內容:\n〈第一天〉\n名古屋車站(8:20集合)\n↓\n飛驒高山(老街散步・午餐自理/約120分鐘)\n↓\n白川鄉(世界遺産 合掌造型集落散步/約90分鐘)\n↓\n富山・APA酒店富山(住宿) \n※各自到富山市内晚餐自理。\n\n【◎第1天自費午餐 綜合便當通知】 ◎ 每個1000日幣(含茶含稅)、車內分發\n※意者報名時請於備註欄填寫個數,費用當天請以日幣現金交給領隊。\n若不預約者請事先準備。\n\n〈第二天〉\n富山\n↓\n立山\n↓登山纜車\n美女平\n↓高原巴士\n室堂(雪壁大谷散步)\n↓無軌電車10分鐘\n大觀峰\n↓空中纜車7分鐘\n黒部平\n↓登山纜車5分鐘\n黒部湖\n↓徒歩15分鐘\n黒部水壩\n↓電動巴士16分鐘\n扇澤\n↓\n安曇野(購物)\n↓\n名古屋車站(預定20:20到達)\n\n◆以下日程保證出發!\n2018/04/14、2018/04/16、2018/04/19、2018/04/21、2018/04/26、2018/04/30\n2018/05/08、2018/05/11、2018/05/14、2018/05/17、2018/05/18、2018/05/19、2018/05/20、2018/05/26\n\n◆3~5歲幼兒享兒童價NTD$ 1620元,費用僅含巴士座位,不含餐點。","en":"◆Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route\nThe Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, known as the “Roof of Japan,” is a mountain sightseeing route passing through the dynamic scenery of Mt. Tateyama in the Northern Japan Alps. The path comprises of several unique attractions, including Murodo Station, Japan’s highest station at 2,450 meters high, and Kurobe Dam, the tallest dam in Japan. What’s more, getting around this wonder-packed route is also nothing short of an exciting experience—you get to get around on cable cars, trolley buses, and ropeways. Then there’s the renowned Snow Corridor from April to May every year for tourists to awe at its majestic beauty.\n\n◆Hida-Takayama\nKnown as “Little Kyoto,” Hida-Takayama retains a traditional touch like few other cities in Japan, and is famous for its well-preserved buildings and Edo-style streets dating back hundreds of years ago. Inhabited since Japan’s ancient Jomon period, it used to be a bustling castle town at the base of Takayama Castle during the Sengoku era. Come and stroll through these ancient streets and catch a glimpse of scenes from an older era.\n\n◆Shirakawa-go\nShirakawa-go, once an isolated and unexplored region, is a beautiful mountain village with limited interaction with neighboring areas due to its surrounding mountains and heavy snowfall, resulting in unique cultural practices and lifestyles. Its farmhouses, known as gassho-zukuri, feature steeply sloped, thatched roofs built to shed snow easily, and are said to resemble hands meeting in prayer. The three historic mountain villages, Ogimachi, Ainokura and Suganuma, became one of Japan's UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1995.\n\n◆Itinerary: \n[Day 1]\n【8:20 Nagoya Station】 Depart from Nagoya Station\n ↓\n【Hida-Takayama】 Stroll the ancient streets of “Little Kyoto.” (Lunch on own) (approx. 120 minutes)\n ↓\n【Shirakawa-go】 Walk around the unique Shirakawa-go gassho-zukuri farmhouse village. (approx. 90 minutes)\n ↓ \n【Toyama・Apa Hotel Toyama】 Stay overnight\n\n※Dinner on own\n\n••••Optional Bento (day 1 lunch)••••\nLunch—Bento (with tea): JPY $ 1000 (tax included) per meal\n※Those wishing to purchase, please note in the “Note to Guide” column when booking. The fee will be collected by the tour conductor on the departure day. (Please pay in Japanese yens.)\n\n[Day 2]\n【Toyama】\n ↓\n【Tateyama】 \n ↓Tateyama Cable Car\n【Bijodaira】\n ↓Tateyama Highland Bus \n【Murodo】 Visit Snow Corridor and enjoy strolling through the majestic snow walls.\n ↓Trolley bus (approx. 10 minutes)\n【Daikambo】\n ↓Ropeway (approx. 7 minutes)\n【Kurobedaira】\n ↓Tateyama Cable Car (approx. 5 minutes)\n【Lake Kurobe】 \n ↓Walk (approx. 15 minutes)\n【Kurobe Dam】 \n ↓Trolley bus (approx. 16 minutes)\n【Ogizawa】\n ↓\n【Azuminom】 shopping\n ↓Trolley bus (approx. 16 minutes)\n【Nagoya Satation】 Arrive at approx. 8:20 pm.\n\n◆Departure Dates (guaranteed departure):\n2018/04/14, 2018/04/16, 2018/04/19, 2018/04/21, 2018/04/26, 2018/04/30,\n2018/05/08, 2018/05/11, 2018/05/14, 2018/05/17, 2018/05/18, 2018/05/19, 2018/05/20, 2018/05/26\n\n◆Child Price (aged 3-5): TWD $ 1620, includes bus seat, no meal "}
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