During and after the experience
What is OwlTing Local Experience? What kind of experience can I find here?
Everything truly local and unique!
Travel information is everywhere, easy access to low cost flights and hotel booking search engine free people's mind, travelers searching for unique and in-depth travel experience more than ever. OwlTing Local Experience is set to fulfill the needs, we bring worldwide tour & activities operators together to provide the travelers the most local, cultural, knowledgeable, exciting and unforgettable experiences, anywhere they want to go.
Who are those Local Guides?
We believe in every place, there are experienced tour operator and hospitable local people willing to share their knowledge of life, food, history and culture with travelers around the globe. We call them the "Local Guide". So anyone can join this network and provide local experiences which he/she thinks unique and worth recommending.
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept both credit card and PayPal.
In what currency I can pay for a booking?
OwlTing services global travelers everyday, you can choose any currencies supported to pay. We regularly update the Base Exchange Rate but it may not be identical to the real-time market rate. However, if you pay in a currency that is different from the denominated currency of your payment method, a processing fee may apply to your payment additionally by your payment company (e.g., your credit card issuer).
What do I do after I book an experience?
After you finish the booking process, the Local Guide will confirm your booking as early as he can. When your booking is confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation email containing all necessary information such as experience details, personal contacts of your Local Guide and the verification code you need to provide to the guide after the experience.
Can I ask a question about an experience?
Yes, in the experience product page, you can leave your question by clicking "Ask question" button. The Local Guide or OwlTing team will reply to your question shortly.
How can I get in contact with the local guide?
To ensure both parties are protected, we request all communications prior to booking to be made via OwlTing's message system. When you book an experience, you'll be provided with the personal contacts of your Local Guide. Feel free to contact them for any questions.
Will I get notice if the experience has to be canceled due to weather or force majeure?
If possible cancellation mentioned in the experience product page occurs or any unpredictable conditions force the experience have to be canceled, e.g., bad weather, traffic disruption, the Local Guide will inform you. You can choose to reschedule the experience if feasible or choose a full refund with OwlTing.
Is it possible the experience being canceled due to low number of travelers?
If it is not a private experience, it might be possible. We will inform you at least two days before the starting day.
Can I cancel my bookings? Will there be any charge?
We're sorry if you decide to go. Here is our cancellation policy:
(Different cancellation policy may be applied to specific experiences, please read the "Additional Info" in the introduction page for details.)

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
1. If you would like to cancel your experience, the following will be applied
I. Get full refund if cancellation is received 8 days or more before the experience (day of experience excluded).
II. 10% surcharge will be applied if cancellation is received 7-4 days before the experience day (day of experience excluded).
III. 50% surcharge will be applied if cancellation is received 3-1 days before the experience day (day of experience excluded).
IV. Cancellation received on the day of experience are nonrefundable.
V. Administrative fees like visa, admission... etc. will not be refundable.
VI. Participants may transfer the experience to others (for one time only), please notify us the personal and insurance information of the new participants.

2. Before the experience, should there be any cancellation declared by the guide, or due to severe weather conditions such as typhoons or thunderstorms, participants can choose to get full refund after deduction for administration fee or to reschedule the experience.

3. During the experience, should there be any cancellation due to severe weather conditions such as typhoons or thunderstorms, participants can choose to get full refund after deduction for administration fee or to reschedule the experience. In addition, cancellation during the experience that is not related to the guide or OwlTing will not be refundable.

How to change the experience date after reservation is confirmed:
Participants may change the experience date (one time only), please inform us 3 days before the experience day (day of experience excluded).
Notifications received 2 days before the experience day will be invalid. This policy is subject to specific conditions explained when you purchased the booking.

In what language does the local guide perform his experience?
Most of our Local Guide speaks English as well as his/her mother language. A guide's available languages are displayed on his experiences.
How do I cancel my experience?
Feel free to raise your cancellation request via our customer support at support@owlting.com
What I should keep in mind before the experience starts?
Be at the meeting point on time! You can check the meeting point info in My Bookings. If pick-up service is included, remember to tell us your hotel name at Note when checking out. If you might be late, please inform us or the Local Guide as early as possible. If customer doesn't inform us or the Local Guide, the Local Guide might another schedule and the order will be regarded canceled by you.
Will there be other travelers in the same group?
If the experience is not selling in a group base, then there might be other travelers join you. Knowing someone from the other side of the global, sharing the same experience, is part of the journey!
Recommend place on OwlTing? What's that?
Use OwlTing to recommend the places you go and share photos with your friends! You can even win extra Reward Points by doing that! (See OwlTing Reward Point) All places, reviews, photos as well as the memory will be kept on OwlTing forever. Anytime you want to refresh your memory or your friends ask you for a place you have been, all information is just clicks away!
Do I need to provide the Verification Code to the Local Guide?
Yes please! When you report to the Guide in the beginning of the experience, make sure to provide the Verification Code to the Local Guide so we'll know the experience is executed successfully.
How does the review system work?
As a traveler who had really been in this experience, your feedback is extremely important to both of us and other travelers. Don't be hesitate to endorse Local Guide you had a wonderful experience with. We appreciate both positive and negative reviews, we'll also look into every compliant case.
Will I get my money back if a local guide cancels or doesn't show up?
Yes, for cancellation raised by Local Guide and any reasons the guide doesn't show up, we'll fully refund you.
Is there any other expenses I need to pay on the experience day?
The Local Guide states what is and what is not included in the package, please pay attention to this information to make sure if you need to pay extra for ticket or meal.