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Conquer Yushan, The Highest Peak of Northeast Asia (Depart From Banqiao)
Hiking Difficulty: ★★★★★ (out of 5)Yushan, with the elevation of 3952 meters above sea level, is the top peak of Taiwan and the second highest point in the western Pacific region. Yushan (Mount. Jade) got its name from it's snowy peak, looking like stainless jade, and is the pride of Taiwan. Available Tours6/2~6/46/26~6/287/8-7/107/16-7/187/29-7/318/6-8/88/13-8/158/27-8/299/3~9/59/17~9/199/24~9/26To apply the trail entry pass, please enter the following information in the “note to guide” field when you book the experience.1. Address2. Emergency contact (full name)3. Emergency contact number4. Diet: Vegetarian or not5. The most difficult climbing/hiking experience6. Any allergies and medical history7. The pickup locations are Banqiao or Chiayi Train Station. If these locations are not ideal for participants, please state it when you book the experience.By booking this experience, participants must agree the following terms1. All participants need to draw for entry passes, whoever won the draw must participate in person and is not able to transfer his/her entry pass to others.2. If minimum PAX cannot be met, the experience will be canceled and refund will be arranged.3. A draw will take place 30 days before the tour, and we will notify the results by email. A refund will be arranged for participants who did not win the draw.4. Minimum PAX: 8. If the minimum cannot be met, we will combine different groups into one tour. If this cannot be accepted, please do not book the tour.5. After confirming the tour, but participants still wish to cancel, please see refund policy below: -60% refund will be applied if canceled 15-30 days before the tour-40% refund will be applied if canceled 7-14 days before the tour-20% refund will be applied if canceled 3-6 days before the tour-No refund will be applied if canceled within 3 days before the tour6. If Sea/Land Typhoon Warning is issued and overlapped with any dates during the tour, the tour would be canceled. Participants can choose to reschedule or get a refund. If the warning is issued when the tour is taking place, the tour will be stopped, and partial fees will be returned.7. If Torrential Rain Warning is issued on any of the tour locations, the tour would be canceled. Participants can choose to reschedule or get a refund. If the warning is issued when the tour is taking place, the tour will be stopped, and partial fees will be returned.8. If road blockage/land slide situation after the tour takes place, the tour will be interrupted. Administration fees like transportation and/or entry pass application will be deducted and a refund will be issued.9. Please follow instruction of our guide during the tour and do not wander off without notifying the guide first. Should there be any injuries/dispute caused by participants wondering off, all cost/responsibility will be taken by that participant.10. Climbing has its potential risks, our guide will do his/her best to ensure safety for all participants. We are unable to take responsibility for any injuries/deaths caused by participants' negligence.11. Please make sure you are in good health condition for climbing/hiking, younger participants are not recommended for this tour. Visitors with following conditions are not recommended to participate this tour: hypertension, heart disease, acrophobia, asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure, pregnancy. 12. For any life-threatening situations on any team members, the tour will be canceled and all participants must retreat together.13. For safety reasons, participants must be under 65 years old to join any "100 peaks of Taiwan" tours.
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