[HOGA Oil (2ml), 贺嘉精油(2毫升)]

[HOGA Oil (2ml), 贺嘉精油(2毫升)]

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[HOGA Oil (2ml), 贺嘉精油(2毫升)]
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HOGA Oil is an incredible and natural fragrance in the world which possesses a great scent and great properties with few or no similar natural analogues. It is purely extracted from our organically cultivated Gaharu trees. Its pleasant, distinctive and woody sensual scent has been enjoyed throughout the world for various purposes such as religious and spiritual ceremonies. The wholesome goodness of HOGA Oil has made it a great demand over all other fragrances throughout the world. * Benefits Traditionally used for: - Aromatherapy - Natural fragrance * Instruction - Aromatherapy – Add a few drops of Gaharu Oil into a diffuser for aromatherapy. - Fragrance - Dab a few drops of Gaharu Oil onto wrist, back of ears or neck for long lasting effect of fragrance. * Content - 1 x 2ml HOGA Oil



Gaharu, Agarwood, Chén-xīang (沉香), Jin-koh (沈香), Chim Hiang (침향) and Oud (عود) are different names of Gaharu in worldwide languages. The Gaharu lifestyle was practiced by Kings and Royal Families since ancient civilizations. Historic records show that Gaharu is high in medicinal properties, used for spiritual purposes, and processed as fragrances.