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After Purchase
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OwlTing Reward Point
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Buying Basics
What are the supported payment methods?
There're currently 3 ways you can pay for your purchase: PayPal, credit card and BitCoin (yes, we take BitCoin).
In what currency I'll pay for an international item?
To buy an international item, you'll pay in its original currency.
Is there additional charge for an international order?
If you use credit card as the payment method, you might be charged a Foreign Transaction Fee by your bank. The order is also subject to possible import duty and taxes according to the custom.
Can I leave a message to the merchant?
Yes, in the shopping cart, there's a Note where you can leave a message or ask a question to the merchant for your order.
Can I check out multiple items from different merchants all at once?
Yes for local shipping items. But for international items, you can only check out one item at one time.
After Purchase
Will I receive an invoice after purchasing?
Yes, you'll receive the order confirmation and invoice when we receive your order.
Where can I see my purchase history?
You can always check all the records in "My Orders".
Can I leave a comment on an item?
Yes and it's super welcomed! We always love to listen to our customers and we actually reward this. For every item you've purchased, you can get 10 Points by leaving your comment, it's so useful to other users.
Shipping & Delivery
What will be the delivery time?
For international items, the estimated delivery time is shown on every product page, right below the shipping rate. Note the real delivery time could be affected by situations like delayed flight or custom inspection.
Can I track my delivery after it has been shipped?
Yes, you'll be notified by an email when your order is shipped out. There'll be information like courier name and tracking number, you can track the delivery status using the courier's online service.
Will I receive single delivery for an order?
Most of our selling items are shipped directly from the merchant, so if you buy items from multiple merchants, you'll receive your order from each merchants.
How do I handle damaged packages?
If the external packaging of the delivered order is visibly damaged and you suspect that the product may be damaged as well, ask the courier if he could wait for you to check the condition of the product. If the courier agrees, check the products and reject the delivery if it is damaged.
If the product is found to be damaged after the courier has left, please contact us within 24 hours for help. Please also keep the external packaging, we might require photo/video proof of the packaging as well as the product itself to process any claims or settle any disputes.
Returns & Refunds
When and how I can apply for a return?
You can apply for a return for the following conditions:
  • I did not receive the purchased item.
  • I received the wrong item (e.g. wrong color, different model).
  • The received item is not as described or damaged/faulty.
If you don't receive the item within the estimated delivery time, please contact us first to double check the status of the delivery, sometime it might be delayed by external factors like courier issue or custom inspection.

To apply for a return, please contact us within 7 days after receiving the item(s), you might be asked to provide photo/video proof about the return reason. We'll contact the merchant once receiving your request and get back to you when merchant confirms your return. Further instructions will be provided to you on how to ship back the items.

Beware that you should send the item back in its original packaging along with all the accessories and everything in the same package. A 10% restocking fee may apply if the original packing damaged or accessories missing. We suggest to take photos of the item to-be-ship-back for self-protection.
Can I apply for a return if I changed my mind for the purchase or other reasons?
Yes, simply follow the above guideline to let us know your request. But you may be responsible for the shipping fees and possible restocking fee. See "Will I get full refund for the return?". Be reminded that the merchant isn't obliged to accept your return on all cases.
Can I cancel my order? Are there any conditions?
Yes you can, anytime before you receive the shipping notice, you can contact us to cancel your order.
Will I get full refund for the return?
If the return reason is not receiving the item or item wrong/not as described/damaged/faulty, you'll get a full refund including item price and shipping fee. Be aware all the local import duties and taxes will not be refunded.
For all other return reasons including changing your mind for the purchase, you'll have to pay for the original and return shipping fee, a restocking fee between 10%-20% of the item price may also applied.
When I can get my refund for a cancelled order or a return?
For cancelled orders, you'll be refunding in 7 days after the cancel request is accepted.
For return cases, we'll wait for the merchant to inspect after receiving the returned item, normally it takes 7-10 days. You'll get the refund in 7 days when the returned item is accepted by the merchant.
Please note that credit card refunds may appear in your account in the next billing cycle if the refund date passes your card's billing date.
I paid with BitCoin, will I get my refund in BitCoin?
We'll refund you the order total amount in its original set currency.
OwlTing Reward Point
What is OwlTing Reward Point?
The OwlTing Reward Point (Point) is a currency you can use in the OwlTing world, like redeeming your points in a purchase.
How can I earn Points?
There're so many ways you can earn Points, for example:
­Successfully recommend a friend to buy on OwlTing you can earn up to 3% of friend's order
(see details in next question)
­Booking hotels on OwlTing Travel you can earn 3% of the booking price.
­By leaving comment you can earn 10 Points (for each purchased item).
And more ways to come!
I want to know the details of earning Points by recommendation.
Each time you place an order, you get a unique recommendation code. Share your code with friends so they can enjoy an up to 3% discount when check­out, you'll also get 100 Points for the first time each code is used and the same value as the discount your friends get of Points!
Rules of use:
  1. When your recommendation code is first time being used, you can get a special 100 Points reward!
  2. After the first time
    • Code being used within 72 hours after your purchase, you get 1%~3% of friend's order total (varied by products).
    • ­­Code being used after 72 hours after your purchase, you get 0.5%~1.5% of friend's order total (varied by products).
  3. Recommendation code can't be used for used product purchase.
  4. Points never expire and there's no limit on accumulation and redemption. The more friends you share with, the more points you get!
I successfully recommend a friend to buy, when I can get my Points?
You'll get the Points 7 days after your friend receiving the item and no requests for cancel or return.
What will happen if I cancel an order or return the product?
Your recommendation code from that order will be invalid and Points generated with that code will be deducted from your account.
What will happen if my friend uses my code in an order but cancels the order or returns the product afterward?
Your Points generated from that order will be deducted from your account.
I recommend friends to buy, why I don't get my Points?
It might be for reasons below:
  1. Your friends haven't purchased or purchased without using your code.
  2. Your friends have cancelled the order or returned the product.
Where I can see my latest recommendation code?
At the finish page and in the order confirmation email (you can also check it in "My Orders"
How can I use my Points?
When you check out an item, there's an option to redeem your Points (if you have any), click it and the price will be deducted accordingly. The Points never expire and no limit when redeeming it in a purchase!
How do I know how many Points I have?
Your Points will be shown at the top of the homepage.
Managing my account
Do I need to have an account when buying something?
You'll be asked to create an account when checking out, we'll send you some important messages like order confirmation, shipping notice, invoice and the most important ­­newsletter with trending products and discount info!