What is OwlTing Open Market?
OwlTing is the one and the only online ecosystem combining Social, Map and e-Commerce in the world.
The OwlTing Open Market is a mobile market place designed for all kinds of business owners, casual sellers and every buyer.
Anyone can start selling in 3 minutes on his smartphone and experience the power of social recommendation in the mobile era!
What's cool about us?
- Mobile first, always!
80% of traffic to Open Market comes from mobile devices, all the UI and operation process are designed to give mobile customers a wonderful shopping experience. Merchants can also manage their stores all on their cell phone! - The power of social network
OwlTing itself is a lively social network where friends can share places and photos with each other. We bring the traditional "world of mouth" effect to the mobile age with unique "Recommendation Program". Customers get reward points just by sharing their shopping experience with friends!
- Merchant first
We believe only when we help Merchant make money, there will be long-term and strong relationship, so we don't charge anything until you receive an order. That means no set-up fee, no subscription fee and no maintenance fee.
- We're always stand by you.
Your only responsibility is to provide the best quality product and we'll take care of the rest, including the most helpful and active first-line customer service. The powerful Merchant Center provides you the just-in-time information you need and more cool features are coming!
Merchant basics
How can I start selling?
Get registered and fill in necessary information of your store. That's all and you're ready to go!
What does it cost to sell on OwlTing?
We charge a flat commission fee only when an order is placed, the percentage depends on the product categories:
Category Rate Category Rate
Meat & Seafood 20% Electronics 10%
Produce 15% Sports 20%
Food 20% Automotive 20%
Fashion 20% Entertainment 20%
Beauty 20% Lifestyle 20%
Design 20% Pet Supplies 20%
Moms & Kids 20% Used 1%
Can I sell used stuff?
Yes you can! There'll be no insertion fee and no limit on listing! Regardless of categories, we only charge 1% Transaction Fee and 2% Payment Processing Fee. Choose "Used" when listing an item and it will go to the Flea market.It is very important to describe the item condition in details, better with photos, that may help to reduce the chance for dispute with the customer.
What else do I need to know about selling used stuff?
OwlTing provides a 10 days guarantee period to the customer, if the customer report the item not received or condition not as product page described, we'll inform you and the payment will be held temporarily till the issue been solved.
Can I sell to overseas customers?
Yes! Open Market is a global service, you can sell any products to the world when finishing below settings in the Merchant Center:
  1. Select Yes for International Shipping in the Merchant Info
  2. Select Yes for International Shipping when listing an item
  3. Complete Internation Shipping rate setting
How I will get paid?
We pay through PayPal*, you need to provide a valid PayPal account email when completing the Merchant Info.
*Paying to bank account is supported for Taiwan merchants.
In what currency I can set price and receive the payment?
When setting your country in the Merchant Center, the system will assign a currency to your account. In this currency you will use for pricng and receiving the payment.
When I will get paid?
We pay both monthly (for new product order) and weekly (for used product order) but only for orders past their Complete Day. The defination of Complete Day is as follow:

Order Complete Day = The day the Merchant confirms shippment in the Merchant Center + Set Delivery Time (2 days for all local delivery) + 7 daysSatisfaction Guarantee Period (for all international orders)
New Product Sale
We pay on every 10th day of the month for orders completed from the 21th of the month before last to the 20th of last month. For example, for orders completed from Febeurary 21th to March 20th, the payment day is April 10th. The Merchant should check if the payment received matches "Income Total". If "Alert" shows on any of the to­-pay order, please contact us for more info.
Used Product Sale
From the next day customer receiving the item, the customer has a 10 days guarantee period. If no complaints from the customer within the 10 days period, the payment will be released to the Merchant. The 10th day of the guarantee period is also been seen as the Order Complete Day, the Merchant will receive the payment by the next Friday of the Order Complete Day.
What should I do when receiving a non-receipt claim?
We'll need your help to locate the item package when customer has concerns, it happens most of the time when estimated delivery time is due. The customer has the right to cancel the order if item missing or not arrived.
What should I do when receiving a return request?
The merchant is obligated to accept a return request for reasons as follows and the merchant is also responsible for the return shipping:
  • ­Item missing or not arrived
  • ­Faulty/damaged (e.g. scratched, dented) item
  • ­Wrong item (e.g. wrong color, different model)
  • ­
  • ­Item not as original described
We'll inform you when return request raised, please respond to the request in 3 days with instruction on how to ship back the item. After you receive the returned item, please check the item condition in 7 days and feedback to us about the result.
The customer is obligated to ship back the item in its original packing along with all accessories, for conditions below, a restocking fee can be applied (proof required, 10% of the item price at most):
  • ­­The original packing damaged (damaged from shipping not included)
  • ­­The original accessories missing
Please be aware that we'll hold the payment for the order under return processing till the process finish. We have rights to refund to the customers if no confirmation from you after above due day passed.
When I'll get billed for the commission fee?
We send invoice to the Merchant when releasing the monthly/weekly payment.
Merchant Info
What is the required info?
Fields marked with "*" are required. Please note that the Merchant Type and Payment Info can't be edited after saved.
What is the "Business Page"?
The Business Page is your mobile website for free by OwlTing! This page introduces not only the products but also your storefront with a beautiful look, customers can buy products in one click or follow your latest news. You can also share your Business Page on FB, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media.
Why I should provide "Store" information?
OwlTing is a social network with 12 language versions based on map. If you have a physical store or an operation place, it's highly suggested to provide all detailed information.
Your store info will show on the OwlTing main map, a user (also a potential customer) who is nearby or searching for specific keywords can easily find you, he/she either will go shopping on Open Market or go visit your store. Which means, more business will come!
Product Management
Set local shipping rule
Each store can have two different local shipping rules, they're independent from each other. Note items applied to different shipping rules can't be calculated for shipping charge discount threshold.
Set international shipping rate
If you agree to ship internationally in the Merchant Info, you'll find international shipping rate settings in Shipping, here are some instructions­:
1. Regional shipping
The regional shipping rate allows you to set flat shipping rate for multiple countries at one time in that region.
2. Country specific shipping
If you set a shipping rate for a specific country, that rate will override the rate set for the same country from Regional Shipping. In that case, the Regional Shipping will show as "Specified per country" and "Clear all" can erase the rate for the entire region.
3. Exclude shipping country
If you don't want to ship to some regions or countries, simply leave the regional or country rate blank.
4. Free shipping
If you want to provide free shipping, set the shipping rate at zero.
5. Restrictions
­The delivery time can't be zero.​ ­All fields must be filled in for shippable region/country.
Product Category and Commission Fee
The percentage of commission fee charged is based on product category which shown on product listing page. Please select the correct or most suitable category when listing. Items may be removed for violation.
What can I do if an item is temporarily out of stock?
You can set zero at "Quantity in stock", the product page will show "Out of Stock" and item can't be purchased.
Can I end listing an item?
Merchant can only edit or remove items. If one item is temporarily unavailable, you can set the stock quantity at zero, then this item can't be purchased.
Is there any restriction on selling items?
Yes, to ensure Open Market a pleasant for all customers, we have the PROHIBITED AND RESTRICTED ITEMS POLICY that all Merchant should follow. It's also Merchant's responsibility to make sure their proposed item complies all laws.
Order Management
Will I receive a notification when an order is placed?
Yes, you will receive an email notification when someone purchased your product. Please do remember to confirm the order at Merchant Center and arrange shipment.
What should I do when an order has been shipped?
Please go to "Shipping" tab in "Orders" in the Merchant Center, fill in the shipping details and confirm, then the order can go to "Complete" group. Note that only when an order is complete it will show in the list in "Income".
How do I know if customer wants to cancel the order or return the product?
The system will inform you via email when such cases arise. Please see What should I do when receiving a return request? as well as the Merchant Agreement for guidelines of handling return/cancellation request.
Income Management
What is "My Income"?
"My Income" shows the payment amount total OwlTing will pay or already paid you. It includes the sale of both new and used items. The individual payment amount of new and used item sales are also shown below.
How is the "Income Total" being calculated for each order?
Depending on different product categories, we charge different percentage of commission on the item selling price. For used product, it's 1% Transaction Fee plus 2% Payment Processing Fee. Price deduction from Reward Point is on us.
The Income Total is calculated as below:
Total item price ­ Commission/Transaction Fee/Payment Processing Fee + Shipping Charge (No fees on shipping charge)
Note the Income Total only calculates completed orders.(see When I will get paid?).