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OwlTing is the one and the only online ecosystem combining Social, Map and Travel Service in the world. Every single booking made on OwlTing can get a special 3% Reward Points which can be redeemed for all purchases on Open Market. OwlTing Points has no redemption limit and it never expires!​
Special Reward Points
-Make bookings on OwlTing Travel Service (​).
-Become an OwlTing member.
-Finish journey.
Note-The bookings must be made from Priceline/ via OwlTing, bookings made directly from Priceline/ are not eligible for the campaign.
Collect the points|
  • OwlTing members can register on exclusive page from the day of booking to day 7 after check-out.
  • The special reward points is with equivalent value of 3% your total order amount.
  • According to your booked currency, the special reward point is calculated based on the exchange rates below (rates are subject to change without notice).
    1 OwlTing Point = TWD 1​ = USD 0.03 = JPY 3
  • Release time is at the end of the month of your check-out day.
Redeem Points|
OwlTing points can redeem all purchases on Open Market.
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More than 850,000 hotels from the world's largest travel group Priceline (which owns Agoda and
Different language/currency settings lead to different search engine, the result may change based on your location.
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Hotel/Car Rental/Flight ticket in just a few clicks and our local guides will bring you the most unforgettable travel experience all around the world!
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